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Mercy IT is now permanently closed as of 2015-12-31.

Our website, hosting services, VPN services, email services and encryption cloud will be shutting down 2017-01-31.

Information hosted on our front-end will be moved to off-site data storage, and purged after 6 months if unclaimed.

Established in 2012, Licensed in May 2014, Closed 2015-12-31, Mercy IT took on a new front to Computer Engineering. I not only repaired systems when faults occurred but I took care of you, making you feel safer, more informed and better educated so when things occur, you can feel more drawn to make a decision. Having your best interests in mind made my job a lot easier. I didn’t have to sell you something you didn’t need or want, although I would make sure you were well informed as to what is available, even if it is overkill or not enough!

Bringing security, efficiency and great customer service to your doorstep, I am a one man band that supports the Seattle area with mobile technologies. I make sure that your devices are interconnected and integrated with your daily lifestyle in a way that if you ever want or need something, help is just a click or call away. I provide many services and continuously support all of your needs either in person or over the phone whenever you need assistance. Having a little bit of background on me couldn’t hurt, if you are interested in my experiences.

Mercy IT has a very interesting approach to Information Technology. I want you to be able to sit down at your computer and feel confident that you can do what you intend to do without any interruptions. In the event a disruption occurs, you can feel comfortable knowing that I am a phone call, email or support ticket click away to help you in whatever issue you may be having.

Supporting your network from your chair or mine, I can make any issue, big or small, seem like a simple fix every time. I have 16 + years of experience in the technical field, giving you what you deserve to repair your problems, set up new installations and monitor / maintain current ones.

Hiring a knowledgeable Computer Guru (or as we are more technically called today “Computer Engineers”) is your best route as you see the same person every time, you build a relationship with your technician and you bring quality to your network. You are also supporting my love for computers, interest in the future of computing and making your home safer and more efficient by doing so. Taking your computer to an “electronics store” is almost like saying you want to see someone new every time, hope the person you dropped it off with fixes it the way you expect and will return it to you with your privacy in mind. Hiring me as your Computer Guru guarantees that I only have you in mind, not a paycheck, and keep your privacy the way it should be, in your best interest.

Some questions you may ask when you do business with a single entity (and my response):

  • Can I trust you?
    • You will only talk to me. I speak English, I work licensed and I make sure you are aware of all the risks before we take them (together).
  • Are you expensive in contrast to the service you provide?
    • My rates aren’t the highest in town but they don’t say I’m cheap either. I’m here to make a living, just like you.
  • Will you answer my call when I need you most?
    • I post on the calendar when I am unavailable and my most appreciated customers get notified immediately if they have done business with me before (Support Site).
  • Do you schedule each individual call or can I expect you to be here at any time?
    • I sleep, like all beings, but I keep my phone on 24/7 for you so that I can help you with your issues when you need it.
  • Do you have a given set of hours?
    • While I am attending school, I will have fixed hours publicized on the calendar.
      You can be assured these will be updated as necessary.
  • Do you work on holidays?
    • Yes, I work on most holidays. I will post on the calendar if I won’t be working special days (with reasons!) so that you can be assured I will be available.
    • I do not however work Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. These days are meant for family. I still take calls however just in case but you can be assured, pricing will reflect an Emergency Call on these three very important days.

There are lots more questions, and that is what our Contact Page is for.

We offer a variety of Services that you may be interested in.

  • Setup of New Computers
  • Setup of Networking and products associated with it like printers and network storage
  • Security Solutions to keep your computers (and kids) safe
  • Virus Removal / Scare-ware Removal
  • I offer lots of other services too, you just have to ask!

Pricing is no longer available.